Explorer News

On 11th October the PANTS ESU went out and about around South Normanton doing some night navigation.

Darren lead the group and started off at the scout hut, They then went up Hilcote street counting the paces as they went along the route, and measuring it against some distances they had already been give, They then headed in towards some fields to learn about backwards bearing.

After that they went to walk along some of the footpaths count out the paces again to see if they can find same spot as darren had set out earlier, They also learnt about using the local surroundings to help navigating alongside the map, and learning what they look like on the map.

After a brife pause they set off back to the scout hut, along the side of the M1 on the footpaths of course, acrouss another field with horses in, then back up a hill towards the scout hut.

P.A.N.T.S New Exec Committee

On the 5th December, PANTS ESU created their very first Exec Committee, These seven members will help run the Explorer unit, with things like programme planning, and running the night.